It needs to see the light of day

Women’s Wise Words

It needs to see the light of day

He rushed in, swept me up. I was adored with praise and affection Drenched with compliments and promises as he placed me on a pedestal We’re soulmates, he said… Like a dream, all wasn’t as it seemed 

He’d never loved like this before and he knew better than me. He’d be my guide, never leaving my side. 

Teaching me how to hold boundaries and from whom I must hide, as I was too loving, trusting and often naive. He kindly helped me cut ties, for which I shouldn’t grieve. 

Next I was to learn to improve my devotion to him, to our new love, and our future together. 

He missed me more than he could bear, my heart sunk but he said I needed to hear 

The truth was clear, I didn’t know how to have an adult relationship. I had to cut my commitments and make him my priority, he had far more experience than me. 

He would teach me, show me how to see, I had been wrong in my life so far, but now he would make everything better 

In between my lessons, there was laughter and the romance he sung, before the sweet words turned to swords that stung. 

He drummed and drummed into my head that I needed to need him. 

As he lay in my bed, I somehow displeased him, and I was met with a glare. He lifted his face over mine and let out a roar. 

The pedestal crumbled as the walls became bars, of the jail I’d be trapped in when the test result showed, a baby would soon be ours. 

I sank into my pillow as tears soaked my face, he was the best thing to happen to me, I uttered with grace. 

As he kept drumming the dream into my head, taught me the lessons I needed re-read. 

It’s just stress, he really loves me, I told myself, as the reality hit but he never did. His tactic was roaring, shouting insults and cursing in my face, because I had to watch my words and know my place.