The Team

Mary-Louise Lynch is the founder of Sisi. She tries hard not to be a militant feminist after surviving years of abuse while navigating systems in Ireland. She once worked in a family retail business and tried many paths through education and temporary employment while living with the devastation of ongoing coercive control. Not to be defeated and after realising there was no one coming to save her, she set about learning how abusers so easily manipulate law and procedures and why people kept telling her that it’s just the way things are. When she was young and felt invincible she wondered why her role models told her that she can’t fight the system? Now, Mary-Louise wants to build a better system instead.

Dolores Brennan survived and escaped long-term coercive control.  A mother of three children, she understands the complexity of how children, too, are caught and used in coercive relationships.  Her business background as a successful marketing and communications consultant has been essential in helping her find her voice with the legal and front-line support services. She is determined to change the system by shining a light on the epidemic of coercive control of women and girls, breaking the silence and making the personal political.

Ira Kyrushko is a psychologist from Ukraine who came to Ireland hoping to work with women and children enduring  abuse. She has a  focused and brilliant mind and brings discipline and objectivity to observing policy and practice in Ireland while also being an expert by experience.

Elena Trower is a wonderful and committed humanitarian with experience working outreach in human rights. Her work includes supporting marginalised families with complex needs. No matter the situation of trauma she is focused on who might need her insight and strategic supports. Elena is currently  undertaking a degree in Social Care and wants to work with survivor families helping them along the path she walks herself.

June Murphy is a truly inspirational survivor of domestic abuse who once represented her constituency as a Cork County Councillor. No stranger to standing up against abusers she is now the support and development worker for YANA in East Cork and spends her time leading the way to protection for survivor families.