About us


About us

How we work – The 4 pillars

Sisi’s mission is to support women survivors of violence, including domestic abuse and coercive control, to be leaders, and to grow and develop utilizing their lived experiences by taking collective action in the pursuit of freedom, equality and structural change.

There are four core pillars underpinning Sisi’s work to achieve our mission


Networking and gathering survivors to share experiences is part of the individual healing experience, and connecting with others with similar stories creates a powerful voice for change. Sisi is a community of survivors who collaborate, support each other, be in solidarity and take action together for change.


Sisi fosters and supports women as leaders and experts by experience. We do this through training and skill development and creating opportunities for survivors to participate in policy making and engaging directly with decision makers. 


Independent data collection and analysis is essential if survivors are to control their own narrative. We believe that when policy and decision making is directly informed by survivors experiences that there will be more effective outcomes and service delivery. Survivors are the best sources of knowledge when it comes to addressing systemic problems which facilitate abuse and coercive control.

System Change

We work to change the flawed structures, policies, decision making and services that result in survivors being unequally treated resulting in extreme hurt, exclusion and mistreatment. Through Sisi survivors can participate, feel empowered and take collective action for the changes needed to make Ireland a safer more equal society.